Brand Truth.

The holidays are over, and it is back to work. It’s the time to do some planning for the year ahead. We find that companies focus on marketing initiatives. And put brand development on the back burner. It’s usually because, when it comes to branding, what comes to mind is a complex brand refresh: a new logo, color systems, imagery, or even a name change – all of which takes time, resources, organizational alignment, and decision-making.

In reality, there are a lot of things that are quick, and easy to do to tune up your brand because, we find, it is usually not the name or logo that are the issue, it is all the things that are around them that are getting in the way – like a brand guide that is updated to clearly define rules and elements.

Without key brand tools that help the organization get aligned and execute, you could have the world’s best name or logo, and branding would still be a challenge.

We find there are short initiatives that you can do that put your brand in a better position to execute more efficiently and effectively – without stopping everything that is going on in the whole organization. Call them quick wins, or low-hanging fruit, or whatever…

We think of them as branding discipline that will re-energize your whole team and your brand. They are grounded in Brand Truths.