Truth 5.

You are branding whether you mean to or not. Fact is, people are forming opinions about your brand every time they encounter your logo, website, language, anything… We form perceptions about the things we see – very quickly. It is what we do as humans.

> The Symptom:
If you ask any marketer, I am sure they would say they have communications components that are not working right (like a ppt presentation, web pages, brochures, campaign elements, start-up guide, etc.) And while they recognize they are not working well, they don’t want to go through the activity (or hassle) of fixing them. It can because, it is “opening a can of worms,” or there are other battles to fight, or it just will take too much effort to get it through the organization. In either scenario, the result is that marketing, let alone branding, is not an enjoyable activity.

> The Cure:
In the everyday, get-it-done, meeting-filled, work life hustle, we forget that fixing things can be fun. Make it a discrete and simple task like; fix that page, redo brochure cover, write some new content for “that thing.” Take a day or two – make it a sprint –make it fast. The thing is, the solution doesn’t have to be exactly right, but a step in a better direction – consider it a new v1 that you can start to edit.

This is all about making progress. Taking a swing and solving a problem by doing something creative. When was the last time you (or your team) were free to fix something without the fear of evaluation or criticism? The idea is to make the change to show an alternate version that begins the fix.

This is a muscle to build with your team. It might be tough to start, as your team is not used to thinking this way, but once you start, you won’t want to stop. You don’t have to fix everything – it can be a page or part of a page of your website. But it is really changing your mindset. It is OK to make small changes.

What we have done:

We do this all the time. We change company PowerPoint decks – usually trying to simplify stories or create consistency. Or we redesign and rewrite web pages – without changing the architecture or identity system. These things are not meant to be static. And updating can be cathartic and take something that people fear and make it fun. As an agency, we feel lucky to be able to do this, and your team can feel this way too.


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