Truth 3.

If your message or concept is difficult to explain to internal audiences, there is little chance that your external audiences will understand it.

> The Symptom:
There is no clear brand positioning message (or elevator pitch) and it is always difficult to write for the brand and offer – you have multiple “go-to” statements which makes communication fragmented, confusing, and inconsistent. This makes it hard to explain your offer, and it takes a lot of time to educate your audience, and they still don’t seem to understand your value proposition.

> The Cure:
We find that many companies do not take the time to step back and look at their storytelling. It’s not that they can’t do it – it is just not a priority (and who has the time). The reality is that the exercise can be difficult because people usually look at decisions that have been done in the past and that can make people feel defensive. The thing is, it should be an opportunity to move forward (offense) – it is time to move forward and let go of some of the legacy language that has been getting in the way of understanding.

Creating a clear framework for a product or service offer can be challenging – usually because the offer has grown and expanded over time – and the team understands the offer in the context of the growth of the business. The result is the team is accustomed to explaining the offer in the context of how it has matured – which is not relevant to your audience because it does not present a point of view or build trust (but it is fun to do) – or in terms of competitive offers (which is not a good practice).

Creating a clear and simple framework that can be expanded upon is essential – and it should support your value proposition and brand promise.

What we have done:

We start with re-writing the website and current “pitch deck” (or company introductory PPT). Jumping right into content (or running with scissors) helps us pair down language, recognize inconsistencies and confusion – while giving us the liberty to make decisions that are not bound by legacy. We create new versions in weeks that helps internal teams understand essential elements and provide new ways of storytelling.


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