Real Value

at work
Our clients tell us that the real value we bring is focus, clarity, and discipline to branding and communications.

It’s no secret.
The way we do this is by first extracting and clarifying the brand promise as a foundation for defining the entire brand strategy.

There is an important reason for doing this—defining a brand promise is the guidepost for everything a brand does going forward, including product line logic, experience design, look & feel, tone of voice, mission statement, corporate values, and even HR decisions. They should all flow from the brand promise.

A lot of people may know this.
But we often see two common issues in practical execution.

1. “Complexity Creep”
Teams allow complex models, frameworks, and industry jargon to enter in and everyone gets lost in the process. A symptom of this can be spending more time talking about the framework and its components than defining the brand elements.
We have a proven brand strategy process that keeps it simple, aligns teams on brand components, and helps everyone get behind the brand strategy.

2. “Proposition Pablum”
Other times we find that teams have their brand strategy defined—and they either don’t believe in it (in which case it doesn’t get used), or it is so watered down from over-editing that it is not actionable.
Our process engages teams in the brand definition process so that the strategy leverages their experience and is understood, adopted, and actioned.

In the end.
We know that a brand strategy that is not believed in by the team will not get implemented. And a brand strategy that is not clearly defined or is not motivating will not inspire teams to execute.

It sounds easy. And it can be.
We do everything we can to take the complexity and risk out of branding.
Our proven process gives us confidence that brand definition and strategy can be an enjoyable, clarifying, and illuminating experience for a team and a company.

And this, we think, is the real value we provide.