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Creating a brand that speaks to you.

With new ownership, Staples made the strategic shift from a monolithic brand strategy (e.g., having Staples branded products in stores) to adopting a house of “own brands” strategy (e.g., sub brands based on value propositions like P&G). Catapult worked with Staples in the definition and documentation of a suite of new brands, but one brand in particular has stuck close to our hearts.

The brand is Perk, and it was developed as a brand for breakroom essentials. You know, napkins, forks, cups, plates, toilet paper, paper towels, and the like. We knew we could not compete with the premium equities of entrenched national brands, nor would we have to if we positioned the brand right. We knew we couldn’t out “quality” them, but we could out “tone of voice” them.

Perk is the brand that shows up with personality and every product is kind of a big deal (sic). And every product is treated as its own distinctly awesome product. From coffee stirrers (called “Stir Mix a Lots” with the description “for when you need to wiki wiki in the break room”) to paper plates (“Lunch is on Me”), the brand engages with a playful non-threatening sense of humor. It is a great example of a brand built on a thoughtful tone of voice.